Let's Recess Together!

Get your crew together, sweat it out, and earn prizes in our first-ever Recess Games. You won’t want to miss this. The Recess Games start January 1st and run through January 31st.
playground for clients

Find Teammates

IRL classes are so last year. At-home live workouts is where it’s at, with the world’s most immersive live class experience in Recess’ own Playground!

Earn Points

This is for everyone! If you like to workout 7 days a week or would rather try out a few different instructors just 2x a week, earn points that match your style.

Win Prizes

I mean this is a fitness platform, so the grand prizes kind of fit that 😉. You’ll get to choose from 2 cool options: an Apple Watch or Theragun!

The Spoils

First Place

You choose! Apple Watch or a Theragun.

Third Place

You love Recess, so let the next few classes be on us!

And More

Recess is all about having fun and doing what makes you happy. Earn some cool swag just for playing along.

The Rules

Making a Team

Teams can be up to 5 people. You can create a private team with your friends
or join a public team and meet someone new!

Earning Points

  1. You only earn points while on a team. If you leave your team, you’ll stop earning points.
  2. Points are earned for the following:
    • 1 minute of class time = 1 point
    • Completing a class = 5 points
    • Completing a class with a new instructor = extra 10 points
    • Referring a friend to Recess = 25 points
  3. If you leave your team, they’ll keep the points you earned while on that team. When you join a new team, your new points will accrue to your new team

Winning Prizes

  1. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the competition to individuals who are on the following teams:
    • Teams who came in first, second, and third in overall points
    • Teams who came in first in each of the sub-competitions
  2. Prizes will also be awarded to teams that hit point milestones of 750, 2,000, and 5,000 points. All milestones get points and everyone on the team receives the prizes.

The Fine Print

  1. If you change teams in the middle of the event, your old team keeps any points you accumulated with them.
  2. Employees and contractors of Recess my participate but are not eligble for prizes.
  3. Prizes will be confirmed by mid-February. Must supply a shipping address to recieve your prize. Prizes anticipated to start mailing mid-February.
  4. Please read our Terms and Privacy Policy for all other rules regarding the use of Recess.tv
  5. Prizes are subject to change based on availability