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Offer Wellness Events can contribute to your programming calendar by offering inclusive fitness & wellness opportunities that are aligned with your brand ethos.

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Whether you’re planning an event, a product launch, or are in need of talent curation for your in-store programming, can support you.

Attract New Audiences can align your brand with talent of all sizes, as well as highly engaged audiences, with the goal to aggregate new communities.

Recess Will Co-Promote can help you achieve your marketing goals by driving acquisition, fostering loyalty, and promoting your brand in authentic ways, by connecting to consumers with valuable experiences and content.

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Sell Tickets on Your Site or a Custom Landing Page allows you to create an events schedule which can be embedded into your website or designed via a custom designed landing page.

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Free to use for you and a nominal transaction fee for the clients. We're the only site that pays all Stripe payment processing fees, so if you charge $100, you get $100 directly from the platform.

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You'll have your own dashboard where you can view sign ups, lead contact information, and revenue generated.

Get Exposure also has a marketplace where people can discover upcoming classes, allowing you to publicly promote your class or keep it private.

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